• The Living Knowledge Network is a UK-wide partnership of national and public libraries created by the British Library to exchange knowledge and develop memorable experiences for public library users, from simultaneous UK-wide exhibitions to professional leadership and development days. We celebrate libraries as spaces of vital cultural significance. Over the past two years we have livestreamed a diverse programme of live events to public library audiences across the UK. In light of widespread library closures due to coronavirus, we have curated an archive programme of our past events to keep you entertained and inspired, and to remind everyone of the special place libraries have in our communities. Once lockdown is lifted you will be able to enjoy livestreamed events in libraries again.

      You can find out more about the network at www.bl.uk/living-knowledge-network
    • Each week we will release a recorded event to watch on living-knowledge-network.co.uk, where they will stay for you to access free at any time. As new events are released you can browse the available recordings on the ‘Archive’ tab. To stream a video we would recommend an internet connection of at least 1mbps.
    • We will post details of upcoming releases on living-knowledge-network.co.uk and on our Twitter @LKN_Libraries. We are carefully curating each release so that there are a variety of events that will appeal to different audiences. Parental discretion is advised when using the website as there is a range of content viewable. You can find age recommendations in the description of the videos as a guide.
    • All of the videos on living-knowledge-network.co.uk are recorded events that have already taken place. Participation is strongly encouraged so although these are recorded events you can join in the conversation online using the hashtag #BLLive - and don’t forget to tag @LKN_Libraries
    • All the events on living-knowledge-network.co.uk were filmed before the coronavirus crisis. We are making the recorded events freely available to the public during the lockdown period to celebrate libraries and the vital services they provide.
    • Due to the coronavirus crisis our programme of live events in libraries is on pause. When we are able to gather again in libraries we will post information about joining live audiences on the Living Knowledge Network webpage - https://www.bl.uk/living-knowledge-network
    • It is important to us that the events we create are what you would like to see. You can give us feedback through the ‘Leave Feedback’ button next to each video description. Any information and comments you give us helps us to continue to improve our programme and your experience. All feedback is anonymous.
    • All our events are only available for streaming.
    • We often work with Stagetext to provide live captioning at our events. These live captions are contained within the window of the video. As the captions were recorded real-time during the event they are not 100% accurate. Below is an explanation of the process of live captioning: ‘A speech-to-text reporter (STTR) transcribes every word a speaker says using a special electronic shorthand keyboard which allows them to type phonetically (how words sound rather than how they are spelt). The words are then immediately converted back into English text by a computer software program, enabling the STTR to keep up with the speed of spoken English.’

      You can find out more on the Stagetext website: http://www.stagetext.org/about-stagetext

      We are working to make transcriptions available of all our events
    • Yes. Please visit the British Library What's On What’s On page to see the full list of current British Library events available during lockdown.

From your library to your home

In light of widespread library closures due to coronavirus, please enjoy a temporary curated archive programme of past events which have previously been livestreamed to a public library near you. We hope to keep you entertained and inspired and to remind everyone of the special place libraries have in our communities. Once lockdown is lifted you will be able to enjoy livestreamed events in libraries again.

More information about the Living Knowledge Network and the British Library can be found here